Case Study

Northland Door Systems – Positioned for growth with Managed Services

Northland Door Systems

Company Bio
Northland Door Systems is a deployment & repair specialist in the installation and functionality of garage doors, loading docks, and central vacuums. In business since 1983, Northland Door Systems is focused on family values and customer satisfaction!

“Always answers our calls/questions with a positive attitude!”Bryan Palchik, Owner


Northland Door Systems has 2 locations and a portfolio of crews serving across the state of Wisconsin. They relied on a centralized server hierarchy and the previous support team had performed minimal documentation and updating, leading to a series of catastrophic IT failures.

How 411 I.T. Group Helped

By implementing full managed services, 411 I.T. Group rewrote poor security practices, advised on best practices, and implemented Northland Door’s new computer policies.

All computer-related processes & backups are now fully documented and that documentation exists in the hands of Northland Doors Administration. With these policies in place, Northland Door Systems has been able to refocus on their core product line, and leave the worries of their IT behind.

Our solutions

  • Replaced/Standardized & documented current network infrastructure with managed enterprise grade firewall and wireless access points at all location.
  • Updated outdated OS, secured by our AI driven antimalware and antivirus software, and supported and monitored by our 24/365 US based service desk in Plano Texas.
  • Reorganized backup data and programs into proper 2 site hierarchy.
  • Reordered the replication service failover for VM redundancy.
  • Provide comprehensive online documentation of infrastructure that is available to the owner, management and our service desk.
  • Normalization of security procedures, education of staff.
  • Institution of VPN, limiting RDP access to pre-authorized certificates across encrypted networks.

Results, ROI & Future

By partnering with 411 I.T. Group and investing in our Managed Services solution for all phone support & software at rate they can easily budget, their infrastructure has been standardized. With a properly organized and well documented IT infrastructure, secured with managed network hardware and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and supported 24/7/365 with our US based Service desk and nationwide onsite teams, Northland Door Systems doesn’t need to worry about technology again. With 411 I.T. Group, we make IT Happen.