Case Study

Hillsboro Equipment – Positioned for growth with Managed Services

Hillsboro Equipment

Company Bio
Hillsboro Equipment is a multi-location equipment dealership specializing in agricultural equipment and the repair thereof. Brand new, used, in-house repair and on-site repair of the equipment that keeps rural America running. Wisconsin’s first John Deere Super Service Dealer!


Hillsboro Equipment had an existing portfolio of 3 locations in Wisconsin, one of which had been severely infected. Initial attempts to remediate were contentious, as a wipe and rebuild of all machines was not possible.

How 411 I.T. Group Helped

By implementing a full managed services package, 411 I.T. GROUP finalized remediation of the site infection. Installation of AI-driven antivirus, paired with tight reporting and anti-malware utility allowed a full recovery from the infection without the need to resort to drastic scorched earth tactics. Hillsboro Equipment’s sites are now covered under an aegis of cutting edge software and full management of updates, freeing them from the worry of future attacks and enabling them to focus on their core work – Agricultural Equipment.

All computer-related processes & backups are now fully documented and that documentation exists in the hands of Hillsboro Equipment Administration. With these policies in place, Hillsboro Equipment Systems has been able to refocus on their core product line, and leave the worries of their IT behind.

Our solutions

  • Secured all desktops & laptops with our AI driven antimalware and antivirus software, and monitored by our 24/365 US based service desk in Plano Texas.

Results, ROI & Future

By partnering with 411 I.T. GROUP and investing in our Managed Services solution for a predictable flat rate they can easily budget, their computing infrastructure has been secured. Guarded by Artificial Intelligence, strong firewall, anti-malware and antivirus solutions. With 411 I.T. GROUP, we make IT Happen.

Client Quote:

We had an unexpected attack on our system. It was severe enough that our main supplier for the products we offer was very quick to lock us out and isolate us from their system. The supplier would not let us gain access until they were assured that we had remedied the problem. If we would have had to tackle the problem our only choice would have been to immediately replace about 40 PC’s and laptops. That choice would have taken a large budget and more time than we could stand. We contacted Jason at 411 I.T. Group and explained the problem. He gave us an honest assessment and some alternatives, including the total change-out of equipment. We made the choice to enlist 411 I.T. Group’s help and hopefully not have to wipe disks or replace every unit. Jason arrived very shortly after getting news of the invasion and began his work. He worked very late into the evening to get our machines cured and had us linked to our supplier the next day.

The disappointing factor in all of this was that we thought we had a secure system (remotely supported and remotely located servers) all protected by a modern security software purchased from our main supplier who had now cut us off from their system. Jason acted quickly and thoroughly. We dropped our subscription to the former protection software and began using 411 I.T. Group’s protection. Absolutely the right choice. Jason’s knowledge and experience in the computer world combined with his zeal to have our system operating fully protected allowed us to get back in business from a killer threat in an extremely short, but intense amount of time.

The things we learn in this life have a lot to do with learning who we can really rely on. We know more now.
– James Taylor, Vice President